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Liam joined started racing his Bandolero in 2021 at 9 years old and was very excited for his first year out on the track.  He started racing go-carts when he was 6 years old and racing on the iRacing simulator the next year.  What Liam likes best about racing is going really fast.  His biggest accomplishment so far is beating his Dad's time on iRacing.  Liam's goal for his first season was to get better at racing and to win!

The 2021 season was a learning season for all the Bandolero drivers, as they learned the ropes of driving race cars on the oval track.  Liam was the youngest of the class and was racing against teenagers.  He had a great first season and showcased some amazing driving.  During the August 21st race he kept his cool as another driver spun out and came right towards Liam head-on.  This scary wreck happened right in front of the spotter's stand, where his parents and team were watching.  Liam managed to stop his car just before crashing into the wall, saving his car from being totaled!  Talk about some fantastic driving skills, regardless of age!  Liam was one of the more consistent drivers all season and earned 4th place in points.

For the 2022 season, adjustments were made to Liam's car to allow him to go faster and he qualified 2nd in the second race of the season!  He's looking forward to progressing his skills as a driver and looking for a win!

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