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Mady joins the SLR team this year as the new driver of the #18 Late Model for her rookie season.  In addition to driving the #18 Late Model this season, Mady also has plans to bring her sprint car out to the races and try out a Legend car.  Each class has it's own learning curve but Mady has shown her remarkable ability to easily jump between classes.  She may be only 18 and fresh out of high school but she's no stranger to racing or winning.

Mady started racing in 2018 at 14 years old, competing in A Stock at the Twin City Raceway dirt track, in Kenai, Alaska.  In 2019 she added racing a asphalt sprint car.  In 2020, along with still driving in A Stock and asphalt sprint, Mady started also driving a sprint car on the dirt track.  In 2021 she continued driving sprint cars on both asphalt and dirt and moved to B Stock.

Mady finished the 2021 season at Twin City Raceway with back-to-back championships in dirt sprint car and won the B Stock championship.  Another major accomplishment for her is that every race she was able to improve her lap time and get faster and faster.

What she likes best about racing is the speed and adrenaline, as well as being about to learn and get out of her comfort zone.  Her most favorite part is definitely the fans, most of all the little ones.  They bring her so much joy and help her push through her tough days.  Our youngest team member, Jack, is also very fond of Mady in return.  She's his favorite person at the track!

Mady's goal for this season is to just improve.  She wants to be better than she was last year, to to learn new skills, and to hit the track better than she did the previous race.

She would love to share how amazing her sponsors have be, and how supportive they are for her to improve and to help her be able to do what she does.  She's also really proud to have met all three of the goals she set for her senior year of high school: graduating with Honors, being Student Body President, and becoming a member of the National Honor Society.

Check out Mady's Alaska Raceway Park myRacePass profile.

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